Hardbodies Entertainment Of Arkansas

That is indeed me rocking a cowboy hat and whip in the above image while channeling a bit of Coppertone advertising style with my jeans. This photo is a few years old, but I’ve continued to use it in Hardbodies marketing to the very end as it’s still an accurate representation of my overall physique. Also, the chicks really seem to dig it for the most part.

I launched Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas in April of 2004, exactly one year after I moved to Little Rock from Denver, where I began my stripping career in October of 2001 at the age of 22. Although I had been picking up some bachelorette and birthday parties immediately after arriving in Arkansas through a few different “nationwide” exotic dance agencies, I longed to accomplish much more as an exotic entertainer along with trying my hand at entrepreneurship by owning and operating my very own agency. Although numerous people told me it was a stupid idea (something which, I’ve come to believe, means I’m definitely on the right track with a project), I truly believed that I was the right person in the right place and at the right time to make this work. And, for a few years, it worked quite well.

In retrospect, and in spite of what was admittedly a slow and lengthy decline after its peak (economic recessions are a bitch, after all), I have come to view Hardbodies as one of the biggest successes in my life. From start to finish, I navigated an extremely challenging path as we had to rely largely on word-of-mouth due to most advertising avenues being shut off to us, not to mention the constant battle we faced to locate and recruit both male and female entertainers who met my own rigid standards both inside and out. Hardbodies would eventually also suffer a degree of online backlash courtesy of a specific demographic (read: lower-middle class men) who felt that our booking fees were too high (you get what you pay for, and our booking fees were never really all that high anyway), and those who believed that our zero-tolerance drug policy was somehow “unfair” (this still makes me shake my head in disbelief).

There were plenty of highlights, however, as I grew immensely as an entertainer, entrepreneur, and a human being. Through the countless parties at which I performed, I explored virtually every avenue I wanted to as a professional exotic entertainer. I met a lot of fascinating people from all walks of life, beautiful women, and even one of my nearest and dearest friends to this day. I enjoyed the privilege of working closely with a number of incredibly wonderful female entertainers who were always receptive to my advice and guidance, and I created for them entertainment opportunities that went far beyond just bachelor parties. I introduced to Arkansas the concept of booking both a male and a female entertainer for bachelorette parties, as well as for parties where couples were present, further endearing us to our female audiences by indulging certain (bi-)curiosities that many of these women had.

In the end, I have finally reached my fill in every area of live exotic entertainment. While I certainly still look good enough to go out and strip, the passion to keep going is simply no longer there, not to mention that I am admittedly beginning to feel all the mileage I have accumulated on my joints and lower back over the past 14 years. I’ve also seen the talent pool for prospective entertainers dry up completely, and it’s been too long since the last applicant I’ve had who looked even somewhat promising. I’m simply all out of ideas at this point, and it just feels right to put my involvement in this business to rest and move onto bigger and better things.

Believe it or not: Being a stripper and a talent agent really meant a lot to me on a personal level, and I thoroughly enjoyed it on a personal level. Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas was both my baby and a labor of love for a very long time. I know that doesn’t seem normal to a lot a people, but I’ve never been a normal person. Normal is boring. Fuck normal.


For the past several years, while running Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas during its post-peak era, I began exploring and experimenting with other interests, including photography. While I knew what I did NOT want to shoot (e.g. weddings, maternity photos, weddings, senior portraits, weddings, engagement photos, weddings, or weddings), I spent a few years trying to decide where to focus my creative energies within this particular medium. Ultimately, focusing specifically on glamour and boudoir photography is definitely the best bet for me in both a creative and logical sense. The very specialized set of people skills I developed while performing for thousands upon thousands of women from all walks of life will definitely continue to be utilized as I set the atmosphere for my models to relax and feel 100% comfortable in expressing their feminine sensuality in a judgment-free environment. I’m genuinely excited about my new business, and I hope you are as well.